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The principles of public transport monitoring
During Ukraine's integration into the European Union we need to realize the peculiarities of public transport (PT) control and monitoring (CAM) with the help of GPS in the modern conditions of scientific and technical development.

It's necessary to realize that we are not touching the issue of vehicle's quality, the availability of air conditioning and other issues of a comfortable trip. Public transport control and monitoring are fundamentally different from the monitoring of cargo transportation, taxi traffic or private vehicles. 

Let's single out the basic points of public transport control and monitoring that We (Passengers) want to pay for:

1. To have an easy access to the traffic schedule of public transport on the Internet as well as at stops;
2. To monitor traffic online and know the time of public transport arrival at stops;
3. To have a real time opportunity to be warned about delayed or advanced arrivals of public transport;
4. To have an opportunity to be informed about the arrival of public transport to a defined stop within a defined period of time (sending sms);
5. To have an opportunity to make an optimal route from point "A" to point "B" and predict time and money to be spent for the trip; 
6. To control the safety of transportation (speed, communication with drivers and traffic controllers, etc.); 
7. To have prompt sound information about the names of current and next stops in the passenger compartment; 
8. To have prompt video information about the names of current and next stops in the passenger compartment. This is especially important for sight and hearing impaired people.
9. External information devices (EID) announcing traffic routes and directions must be installed for sight impaired people.

We will particularly single out the following points for physically disabled people:

1. Providing external (outside public transport) sound announcing vehicle's route and traffic direction.
2. Providing video announcing names of stops in passenger compartments. 

For Town Council Transport Administrations, Regional Administrations and other governing bodies:

1. The above-listed points for Passengers.
And additionally:
2. To have reports on keeping the schedules by carriers;
3. To reconstruct the traffic history for one vehicle or several selected routes on the map on any day; 
4. To get reports on the absence of vehicles on the route and reports on passengers and their categories;
5. To have the possibility to calculate traffic schedule of public transport for certain routes and the whole city automatically;
6. To simulate and animate traffic schedule of public transport on the map;
7. To download new traffic schedules online.

For carriers, who are contractors and who are supposed not only to provide high quality service, but also to get profit as this is a very serious business:

1. The above-listed points for Passengers and Administrations.
And additionally:
2. To be aware of individual financial profits and expenses;
3. To be able to give orders to drivers and vehicles;
4. To have reports on the course made by vehicle; 
5. To have the possibility to control functions of vehicles (fuel monitoring); etc.

For drivers:

1. To have a driver's panel with the following functions:
  • driver's identification information;
  • sending messages to a driver;
  • providing the following information on the driver's panel:
    • names of traffic schedule control points;
    • time of delay or advance of traffic schedule;
    • information about the local time synchronized with the world time;
    • time of arrival to the next control point;
    • volume and time of downloaded information.
  • providing prompt changes in route and traffic schedule.
Picture 1. Information on the driver's panel.

We are offering this complex system and this is Мultimedia Аutomated Cоmplex (МАC)
МАК - реалізовано функцію "Виключення зупинок"
Реалізовано веб-інтерфейс для ігнорування зупинок при розрахунку звітів.
МАК у Волинській області
Запущений пілотний проект у Волинській області.
МАК - науково-дослідна робота
Підприємство “Візор” підписало договір про співпрацю та науково-технічне співробітництво з Луцьким національним технічним університетом.
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