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System MAC "Management and monitoring"
«PT Modules description» consists of the following modules:МАК «GPS – monitoring»:

МАК «Fare payment»:

  • «Fare payment»;
  • «On-board Equipment»;
  • «Mobile part»;
  • «Transaction»;
  • «Fare documents»;
  • «Tariff policy»;
  • «Routes»;
  • «Users»;
  • «Reports»;
  • «Constructor of smart cards» – CSC;
  • «Passenger count»;

Additional modules:

The modules can be implemented absolutely independently and be of any configuration. Only the main modules are described in this proposal.

                                                    The module "Domains"

Using the latest technologies we have developed and implemented a new module "Domains", which is universal for all directions of the complex "МАК".

Functions of the «Domains» module:
 - choice of any domain at the request of the client;
 - bind the selected domain to one resource;
 - bind the resourse to complex functional "МАК".

The module "Domains" has implemented opportunities:
 - installing the web application icons depending on the domain;
 - providing free access depending on the domain;
 - customize users with different permissions;
 - site settings for child users to set such as parental.

From now on, different users can have different: the logo, the title and copyright of the site, the address for centering the web application card.

                                                The module "Access security"

To access the system developed flexible distribution of roles and their division into user groups. The main groups of users are:

  • carriers;
  • state structures;
  • system operators;
  • free users(possibility of free access to general information via the Internet).
User groups include a distribution for users with different access rights depending on the structure of the organization. The described division is conditional and can be dynamically changed and provide any rights and opportunities depending on the roles.

The module "Traffic schedule"

It gives the possibility to enter and adjust promptly:
  • traffic schedule of public transport;
  • routes;
  • lunch breaks;
  • control points;
  • drivers;
  • types, board numbers and state registration numbers of vehicles;
  • carriers and vehicles belonging to them.
To monitor the traffic schedule of public transport in the form of the table and on the map:
  • kinds of transport (buses, trolleybuses);
  • routes and traffic schedules of public transport;
  • carriers.
To represent in the form of the table:
  • route numbers;
  • names of stops;
  • arrival time;
  • time of advance or delay;
  • represent delay/advance in traffic schedule in colour;
  • time of next stop;
  • next stop name;
  • route name and traffic schedule;
  • driver's name and carrier;
  • actual date and time of arrival;
  • board number.
To represent on the map:
  • routes and traffic schedule;
  • board number of public transport;
  • traffic direction;
  • represent delay/advance in traffic schedule in colour;
  • actual time;
  • time of advance or delay;
  • set the time gap in information transfer;
  • speed and way (safety of transportation);
  • event (track/stop);
  • latitude and longitude of public transport location;
  • set the time of updates;
  • represent the names of stops and their location on the map;
  • represent advertisement titles and their location on the map;
  • represent the names of control points and their location on the map;
You can set the following items depending on the time:
  • colours of vehicle's delay or advance;
  • time of updates - actual or set at certain intervals;
  • sorting by any field.
To control vehicles in real time:
  • to download vehicle's traffic schedule promptly:
    • if a vehicle is equipped with a Wi-Fi card, the traffic schedule can be downloaded within Wi-Fi zones (garage gates, lunch break stops, Wi-Fi zones in the way);
    • in any case and at any spot via the modem reserving communication channels;
  • to log traffic with corresponding display functions.
To represent information on public transport traffic on the Internet. Transport stops will be equipped with МЗ – 2 displays and traffic schedule will be displayed at transport stops in real time.

Picture № 1.  The display image. The view on the map of  Lutsk.

Picture № 2.  The display image. The view on the map of Lutsk, route 15 with advertisement spots, control points and transport stops.

A driver's panel (in a vehicle):
It provides the possibility to:
  • identify a driver;
  • send messages to a driver and communicate;
  • provide the following information on the driver's panel:
    • names of control points;
    • time of delay or advance of traffic schedule;
    • information about the local time synchronized with the world time;
    • time of arrival to the next control point;
    • volume and time of downloaded information.
  • provide prompt changes in route and traffic schedule.

Picture № 3.  A driver's panel

The module "Traffic schedule calculating and modelling"

1. Calculating and editing of public transport traffic schedule:

Note: This module can be purchased or leased independently of the MAC system.

The structure dynamics of the module "Traffic  schedule  calculating and modelling" provides the possibility of:
  • creating, editing and obtaining a comparison table for traffic schedule of all routes:
    • local;
    • intercity;
    • international.
  • creating traffic schedules taking into consideration rush hours and days:
    • working day;
    • day off;
    • holiday.
  • creating traffic schedules according to the seasons:
    • summer;
    • autumn;
    • winter;
    • spring.
  • looking through the history of calculated schedules according to the types:
    • past;
    • present;
    • future.
  • applying the calculating methods that take into consideration the possibility of setting start and end of work for particular vehicles from different transport stops;
  • carrying out calculations and editing according to The Labour Code of Ukraine:
    • lunch breaks;
    • shifts;
    • working day duration.
  • applying various methods of traffic schedule calculating taking into account:
    • driver's breaks for rest and lunch are divided into two parts;
    • according to the order of lunch breaks;
    • manually.
  • providing the development of passports of public routes;
  • providing printout of the calculated traffic schedule for every transport stop and integrating the printed traffic schedules into all the transport stops equipped according to the "Smart stop" project;
Picture № 4. The display image. Two-shift traffic schedule of route 2 and 9 in Lutsk.

2. Modelling the traffic schedule of public transport on the map.

The calculated  traffic schedule of public transport is downloaded to the map for modelling that provides:
  • simulating the traffic of several routes on the map simultaneously up to their implementation in real time;
  • synchronizing the traffic of public transport on the general section of the road;
  • adjustment of speed (traffic schedule) depending on the animated view.

The module provides:

  • efficient modelling of traffic schedule;
  • considerable improvement of service;
  • saving time for calculating;
  • visual comparing of all schedules of the route;
  • no overlapping of route schedules;
  • reducing periods of downtime;
  • economically balanced traffic schedules on routes.
Picture № 5. The display image. Simulating routes 1 and 10 in Lutsk on the map.
The module "Orders"

The module "Orders" provides creating orders for drivers and vehicles of a carrier.

It provides:

  •  creating orders for drivers according to the Labour Code of Ukraine;
  •  assigning carrier's vehicles to certain drivers;
  •  rapid change of drivers and vehicles if necessary;
  •  rapid change of traffic schedules and routes.

Picture № 6. Orders creating and editing.  

The Multimedia module

1. General description and tasks

The MAC system includes the following multimedia equipment:

  • Display;
  • Acoustic system.

The functions of the multimedia module:

  • automated transport stop announcement by GPS spots;
  • providing disabled (sight and hearing impaired) people with audio and video information;
  • displaying photo or video of transport stops by GPS spots;
  • providing video advertisements broadcast by GPS spots;
  • automated downloading of video stops, background reels and video advertisements;
  • providing background reel broadcast;
  • advertisement broadcast according to the playlist;
  • displaying information on the volume and time of data downloading on the driver's panel;
  • displaying stops, control points and advertisements on the map.

Picture № 7. Back monitor of the Multimedia module in the trolleybuses on the route Simferopol - Yalta of the Crimean Republican Manufacturing Enterprise «Krymtroleybus».

Picture № 8.
Front  monitor of the Multimedia module in the trolleybuses on the route Simferopol - Yalta of the Crimean Republican Manufacturing Enterprise «Krymtroleybus».

The module "Scripts of stops and advertisements"

There is a possibility of automated creation of scripts of stops and advertisements. To do it, you need to enter the data about the transport stops for the certain route. It is necessary to enter the name of the stop and choose the file that is going to be played at the stop. It is also necessary to choose geographical coordinates that can be chosen at the suggested map. It considerably simplifies and automates the process of scripts creation.

The functions of automated advertisements creation work in the same way.

After entering information there is the possibility of its automatic download to vehicles.

The module "Reports, graphs and diagrams"

The MAC platform systematizes information accumulated in traffic data bases and gives the possibility to view this information in any convenient way. On January 01, 2014 there were 157 report forms in the System. They can be presented as a graph, graph or a diagram. It gives the possibility to combine information conciseness and accessibility of information presentation for any user. Besides, there is a possibility of printing out the received data and exporting it to Microsoft Excel.

Display image 1. The graph of the route task execution on routes 15 and 15a in Lutsk.

Display image 2. Deviation from the schedule on route 1, graph 1 in Lutsk.

The module includes the following reports:

  • Deviations from schedule - vehicle's deviation from the planned schedule at the control points;
  • Downtime - long unplanned stops of a vehicle while moving according to the schedule;
  • Absence on the route - a vehicle that was included into the order for the given route but did not start working according to the order schedule;
  • Kilometrage – the distance travelled by a vehicle from the time of its departure from the parking place till the moment of its return to the parking place according to the schedule;
  • Working time – the number of hours during which a vehicle travelled along a certain route and according to a schedule;
  • Fulfillment of the schedule – a real percentage of fulfillment of the planned schedule;
  • Traffic mode - allocation of traffic speed of a vehicle according to the indicated intervals percentage wise;
  • Traffic speed – maximum and average traffic speed of a vehicle during a work shift and the number of speeding violations (the value of speed limit is set while forming reports). The module "Reports, graphs and diagrams" includes other reports that are necessary for GPS monitoring of a vehicle.

Automated Transport Enterprise – «ATE»

A depot, an automobile company, usually has a standard architecture. Such enterprises have the following divisions:

  • passage enterprise;
  • dispatch service;
  • medical service;
  • mobile part;
  • gas station;
  • department of technical control;
  • incoming and outward gates.

The module «ATE» performs functions:

  • photographs an employee of the company and puts a photo on an electronic card (E-card);
  • E-card fixes the beginning of the working day on the electronic passage;
  • the dispatching service issues a E-card with an order;
  • a medical examination service carries out an employee survey with the help of a E-card and keeps its history;
  • the service of the rolling stock issue SOW with the help of a E-card;
  • gas station carries out the issue of fuel for SOW with the help of a E-card;
  • department of technical control checks the technical condition SOW with the help of a E-card and issues permission to leave the park;
  • incoming and outward gates are automatically opened when transport is approached.

The module "Fuel control"

The functioning of the module "Fuel control" is possible in the following modes:

  • "on-line" automatically, the information on the amount of fuel in the tank is received in certain intervals of time (1 sec. - 10 min.);
  • at dispatcher's request;
  • «off-line» after arrival to the garage the detailed report on refuellings, drains and actual fuel consumption of the vehicle on the route is downloaded via Wi-Fi.

The module "Traffic safety"

It provides:

It provides:

1. Real time control over vehicle's speed that can be gіven to the traffic police, dispatching office, carriers, transport administration;
2. Direct voice communication between passengers, dispatchers and drivers using communication channels.
3. Forming reports on speed on the route, their analysis and correcting the traffic schedule of public transport.

The module "Video surveillance"

It provides:

1. Video surveillance of passengers compartments;
2. Video surveillance of passengers boarding and alighting at transport stops;
3. Control over fare payment in public transport.

The module "Voice"

The module functions:
  • Providing transport security;
  • Optimization of transportation service for population;
  • Improving the quality of transportation;
  • Providing permanent online communication between drivers and dispatchers and vice versa;
  • Recording conversations between interlocutors;
  • Keeping archives, searching and playing conversations with certain parameters from archives;
  • creating conferences between several people.
The module "Route search"

This function gives the possibility to make a route on the map between two spots. Several routes can be suggested depending on the selected spots. In this version routes can be made for travelling by car and on foot.

The module "Smart MAC"

This specially developed MAC mobile version - "Smart MAC" gives the possibility to use the MAC system from any convenient place using any Android OS gadget with the help of Google Play.

The module «SMS-МАК»

With the help of the module  "SMS-MAK"  you will be able to display advertisements or other information on the "Smart Stop" monitors. To do this, you need to send a short number of  8313  messages in the format "332_ your text". Information after moderation for 1 year, will be posted on the "Smart Stop" monitors.

The module "Smart stop"

"Smart stop" on the map

It gives the possibility to get the information on the predicted time of public transport waiting.

"Smart stop" at a transport stop

The construction represented in the picture is installed taking into consideration providing information on public transport schedule for people on wheelchairs.
The following information is provided on the indicator board:

  • the predicted time of public transport waiting on the stop,
  • direction of the route,
  • arrival time according to the schedule approved by the Town Council.

Additionally, a clock and two moving text displays are placed on the board. One display represents the news and the other one represents advertisements. The indicator board provides the possibility of showing video advertisements. The cylinders contain paper traffic schedules.

Picture № 9.  Smart stop in Lutsk.

МАК - реалізовано функцію "Виключення зупинок"
Реалізовано веб-інтерфейс для ігнорування зупинок при розрахунку звітів.
МАК у Волинській області
Запущений пілотний проект у Волинській області.
МАК - науково-дослідна робота
Підприємство “Візор” підписало договір про співпрацю та науково-технічне співробітництво з Луцьким національним технічним університетом.
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