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Smart stop on the map

In order to use the service, you need to tick in the bottom left part of the screen near the word "stops" and zoom in the map until the "stop" sign appears.
Click on the stop to get the information on the predicted time of public transport waiting within one hour.

Smart stop in Lutsk on Voli Avenue

The construction represented in the picture is installed taking into consideration providing information on public transport schedule for people on wheelchairs. The following information is provided on the indicator board: - the predicted time of public transport waiting at the stop, - direction of the route, - arrival time according to the schedule approved by the Town Council. Additionally, a clock and two moving text displays are placed on the board. One display represents the news and the other represents advertisements. The indicator board provides the possibility of showing video advertisements. This indicator board can be:
  • LCD;
  • LED.
Under the vandal-proof indicator board, there are two transparent cylinder tubes containing tables with working day and day off traffic schedules for each route going via this stop. The timed traffic schedule in the "Traffic schedule calculating and modelling" module is automatically loaded to the vehicle board device, formed and printed out in a cylinder format. Any change of traffic schedule of the stop in the cylinders is done by simply changing for a paper with a new schedule.

МАК - реалізовано функцію "Виключення зупинок"
Реалізовано веб-інтерфейс для ігнорування зупинок при розрахунку звітів.
МАК у Волинській області
Запущений пілотний проект у Волинській області.
МАК - науково-дослідна робота
Підприємство “Візор” підписало договір про співпрацю та науково-технічне співробітництво з Луцьким національним технічним університетом.
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