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Equipment - our recommendations
While choosing equipment, we take into consideration all your wishes and define all the necessary functions. Our highly qualified technical specialists will be able to mount, perform starting up and adjustment and operate all the system modules turnkey. We can do all the work together with you in friendly cooperation, read "Earn with MAC".

While creating the MAC system depending on the necessary system modules, the questions of equipment packaging are solved.

The advantage of such solutions is that the BE includes driver's panel, which is a touch screen with a map and vehicle's traffic schedule displayed on it. 

The price for the MAC board equipment can start from 1850 uah.

Picture 1. Functional system of the complex MAK. 

Picture 2. On-board equipment of the MAK complex. Production of "Visor".

Picture 3. The types of computers that can be used for GPS monitoring.

Picture 4. The multimedia module working in Lutsk buses and showing the videos of stops and advertisements using GPS spots.

Picture 5. Back monitor in the trolleybuses on the route Simferopol - Yalta of the Crimean Republican Manufacturing Enterprise «Krymtroleybus». Mounting and setting up of the MAC system took place at the Lutsk factory of "Bohdan" corporation.

Picture 6. Front monitor in the trolleybuses of the Crimean Republican Manufacturing Enterprise «Krymtroleybus».

МАК - реалізовано функцію "Виключення зупинок"
Реалізовано веб-інтерфейс для ігнорування зупинок при розрахунку звітів.
МАК у Волинській області
Запущений пілотний проект у Волинській області.
МАК - науково-дослідна робота
Підприємство “Візор” підписало договір про співпрацю та науково-технічне співробітництво з Луцьким національним технічним університетом.
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