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Economise with "MAC"
Implementation of the МАC system makes a significant economic impact and allows you to optimize the work of transport in any city, transport enterprise or utilities. 

Since the introduction of the module "Calculation of traffic schedule" reduces the cost of labour to work on the creation of the traffic schedule for the whole city.

One can imagine the titanic work to do for the city with 1,000 units of transport to calculate the schedules of public transport optimally with the performance of "correct" lunches and in compliance with The Labour Code of Ukraine. We must note that public transport schedules for weekdays and weekends are different, i.e.:

1 000 * 2 = 2 000

We still need to take into account that there are season schedules: summer, winter:

2 000 * 2 = 4 000

and life goes on in the city, plants, supermarkets and schools are opened and it is necessary to constantly develop new routes and traffic schedules. 

We have created such technologies that allow you to download the developed traffic schedules to the map and simulate traffic, that allows you to synchronize the movement of the vehicle on the general section of the road, adjust the speed limit and so on. 

For example, in the implementation of the module "Fare payment" in "Lutsk electric transport enterprise" makes conductors unnecessary, that provides economic benefits in the amount of at least 220 thousand UAH/month. 

Implementation of this module stipulates the purchase of Mifare cards by the city population, a city of 200,000 people will buy about 100,000 cards per value of 30 UAH and this is a pre-paid service that will be used as fare payment during the month.
100 000 * 30 UAH. = 3 000 000 UAH.

You can open your own bank as 3 000 000 UAH will always be on the account of the company operating services! 

We will not describe the economic effects from the introduction of other modules for which there is a corresponding science, but the evidence presented above shows that you can always find the right way to optimize costs without loss in your business.

МАК - реалізовано функцію "Виключення зупинок"
Реалізовано веб-інтерфейс для ігнорування зупинок при розрахунку звітів.
МАК у Волинській області
Запущений пілотний проект у Волинській області.
МАК - науково-дослідна робота
Підприємство “Візор” підписало договір про співпрацю та науково-технічне співробітництво з Луцьким національним технічним університетом.
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